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I'm a skills Web Developer, current student of Code Institute, with a passion for coding, solving problems through programming, and an enormous drive to learn and make a major contribution to every project I partake in. I'm eager to dive into the programming world, and collaborate with talented IT professionals, to create impactful websites and web applications to the highest of standards.

As a former Mechanical Engineer, my previous experiences in Engineering and Digital Marketing roles have allowed me to cultivate excellent problem-solving skills, creativity, critical & lateral thinking abilities, as well as a meticulous attention to detail. Throughout my learning journey, I have developed a greater awareness of industry standards, issues and trends, particularly regarding accessibility, usability, libraries, frameworks and emerging technologies,


Code Institute

2021 - Present

Professional diploma in Software Development


2014 - 2015

Google Certification in Adwords & Display Advertising

Irish Times

2014 - 2015

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Diploma.
QQI FETAC Level 6 (Distinction with 3 Major Awards)


2004 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng Hons)

Technologies & Skill Level

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Coding - I love writing a piece of code to solve everyday problems, and javascript challenges on I enjoy the logic, the design aspect, and the creativity it provides through which I can express myself.

Psychology - I'm an avid reader of psychology, keen to learn about the internal workings of the brain, cognition, behaviourism, logic and generally fascinated by the complexity of it, and discovering the ever-growing degree of control we actually have over our minds.

Mixed Martial Arts - Huge follower of the sport and a practitioner of Kickboxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. I've competed in the Cork MMA expo in 2017 and look forward to competing once more.

Music - Where would I be without singing? Not only am I a professional shower singer, I enjoy creating music, and singing of course. I have featured in the X-Factor GB in 2007!

Hiking - Not many things in life make me feel so alive like hiking a picturesque mountain, with some good friends, and good food. When life becomes overwhelming, the mountains is where you will find me!


I'm eager to be the best software developer I can be, and leave a mark using my ability to code. My goal is to learn as many of the available programming languages as possible, so as to make coding an instinctive procedure. I will only then be limited by my creativity

My Creation Process..

Web Site Planning - I collaborate with the client to identify the Web site’s goals or purpose. In addition to understanding the purpose, I ask questions such as: Who will use the Website? and identify the target audience in terms of: age, gender, computer literacy, etc. Understanding the computing environment allows me to determine the types of Technologies I will use for the project. The last step is to establish who will own, author and provide the information included in the Web site.

Web Site Analysis - During this phase, I make decisions about the Web site content and functionality. This includes a detailed analysis of the content of the Website in terms information covered, processing required, what information is useful and relevant to the user etc.

Web Site Design & Development - After, the purpose of the Website has been established and the content has been defined, I decide what type of website layout is appropriate, connect links between website sections, determine what forms of multimedia are helpful to the user, and I begin to organize the content of the Website, whether that be through defining titles, headers, paragraphs, lists, maintaing suitable web page lengths, emphasising information through positioning, incorporating contact information and including date of last modification and details of changes made

Web Site Testing - I ensure that a web site is tested at various stages of the Web design and development. This includes a review of page content, functionality and usability. I also regularly test content and functionality through reviewing responsiveness, browser compatibility, display, spelling & content, graphics, printing and loading speed on slower connections.

Web Site Maintenance - Once the Web site testing is complete and any required changes have been made, I implement/deploy the website, publishing the Web site or uploading it into a Web server in other words. Once, the Web site has been implemented, its maintenance will include updating the information content by removing the outdated content and replacing it with new one. I Periodical check the links to ensure that they are still active. Finally, Website monitoring is another key aspect of my site maintenance. Usually, the Web servers that host the Web sites keep logs about Web site usage. A log is the file that lists all the Web pages that have been requested from the Web site. Analyzing the logs allows me to determine the number of visitors to your site and the browser types and versions they are using, as well as their connection speeds and most commonly requested pages.