Motaz Abdou

Software Developer

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A little about me..

Picture of me

I'm a former Mechanical Engineer, on a new path as a software developer and currently a student of Code Institute. I started my journey in software development over 15 months ago, with a huge drive to challenge myself and learn as much as possible.

I usually find myself typing code to solve mundane household problems, as I have developed a strong passion for creative design, technology and problem solving, with my ultimate goal being the delivery of accessible applications which conform to modern web standards.

I create websites and apps that are..



Fast load times and lag free interaction are my highest priority, through clean and efficient code.



Mobile optimization is essential. My layouts will work on any device, big or small.



I have a strong preference for easy to use, easy to navigate, intuitive User Experience.



Websites don't have to be static. I love creating interactive pages and making them come to life.